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2016 KAL Mid-Autumn Gala 2

On the night of September 15, 2016, Guangzhou KAL Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was held  Mid-Autumn Festival Gala and Commendation Ceremony in the auditorium at the Company Auditorium at seven o'clock . The theme of the evening party was "Exciting Dream, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival Night, together KAl, the party mainly to enhance the company's corporate culture, increase the festive atmosphere, promote employee spiritual communication, enhance employee cohesion and sense of belonging, Praise the employees get good grades in the cadre training class


A melodious "curved moon" opened the prelude to the party, followed by the two hosts took to the stage and announced the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala began.

                                                                                                                                                                              The host announced the gala will be  start


First of all, Mr. Xu made a speech for the party. He said  it will be  good development of KAL in 2013 and  KAL will be has a higher level in this year. Thanks to everyone's efforts, KAL will develop more and more The better.



of Foreign Trade brought the love song duet "little dimple", the atmosphere slowly pushed the climax.


Love song duet "little dimples"

Immediately afterwards, the interactive game shows started with "Stacked Newspapers," "Table Tennis," "Watery Telephones," "Watermelon with Eyes Closed," "Oral Talk," "Word Solitaire," " Games like "Memory Poker" once again put the atmosphere of the party to a climax. Interesting games, a wealth of prizes, and live in and out of the arena, the audience is more applause and laughter, and the solo "really love you", "father" won the applause of the audience.


Game - Stack of newspapers.


Games - play table tennis


Games - aqua messenger


Games - aqua messenger


Games - Word Solitaire


Cadre training will be commended


Solo "father" "really love you"


Won the mysterious reward lucky person


                                                               Manger Tang always sing a song

The party finally ushered in a mysterious guest - General Don.Manger Tang, who was still studying in the field, always knew that after a party tonight, he was busy hurriedly returning to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with everyone and brought back a song for everyone. General Tang also said that the success of KAL can not be separated from the efforts of all of us and hopes that we can make every effort to make a better place in the future.

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