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2019 Kal start work event party



PLACE:  Kal plastic manufacturing co.ltd

CHARACTERS:  All the kal’s members

EVENT: 2019 kal start work evening party

We prepare this activity for about one month,specially prepared the gifts and the processes of the event. Until the Fel 23th, we decorated the kal’s hall as the event place, set the stage, decorated the hall has the spring festival atmosphere!

Our beautiful girls and handsome boys as the comperes use the gorgeous words to announce the 2019 kal start work evening party is beginning,let’s hold the champagne, cheers for the kal for ourselves for our efforts in the pass! Cheers!

Then let’s enjoy the performance and the delicious foods. Let me brief introduce themost excite part of the party: the lucky lottery. Kal company has a special management system--Integral system! First, this integral is accumulated form our daily work, apply the score everyday, you can understand as this : you work and report your job contents in the system then you get the integrals. On the event, last year’s all the integrals will convert to the tickets, 1000 integrals can convert 1 ticket, (I got 11 tickets ~~~) Then we can use this ticket to “draw a lottery or raffle”, this night have many lucky men.

Program interweave “draw a lottery” appearance lets everyone maintain the excited mood to the end of the event. This year’s draw lottery part is special and frequent,in addition to the company’s prepare the gifts, leaders also secretly preparing all kinds of mysterious prizes, red envelopes, have practical appliances, food, wine, snacks, have small tools, electronic equipment and so on, it is multifarious and rich to let person dazzling.Of course, the winning rate is also very high.

On this night, we having fun and we feel happiness as a part of Kal’s members.

2019 let’s work hard to finish the kal great goal and create more gorgeous future! 

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