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Birthday surprise to general manager Ms. Tang


5.20 is the birthday of the parents of Kal , before that, we have prepared a birthday blessing for her -all the family send a blessing via video.

In the video, showing nearly a year of activity photos, let people feel the time flies, all the good memories all poured into the heart, feeling extremely! In addition to the photos, not only each departments of their own choreographed birthday wishes, some singing, some words, some elaborated on the company's gratitude, but also creative in using several countries language to send the most sincere birthday blessing to Ms.tang. Although, we prepare the birthday gift is virtual, can not touch, also can't eat, even not worth a penny, but the mind is sincere!

Our Ms. Tang hugged the flowers while watching our blessing video, smiling and her eyes flashing. She do not forget to express the gratitude and gratitude to all staff. After the video broadcast, Tang took the stage to speak, saying that she had a feeling of awe for her birthday, with the increase in age, the cause of obvious pressure, compared to their own birthday, she would like us to remember the birthday of Kal:

Everyone so attentively recorded birthday wishes I am very ashamed, all this shame will become my responsibility and mission, Kal is the anemone force of the anemone, where I am in this position, I will be shouldering the mission of Kal adhering to the core values of Kal, strictly abide by the standards of conduct of kal’s cadres, and continue to maintain the capacity of Kal, as No To lead the Kal family to realize the company Vision at an early date. The ramp is easy, the way is difficult, but it is difficult for us all need to insist, Kal today's choice of the road is correct, is bright, but at the same time is tortuous, but I am willing to insist on going, because this is the future of Kal should have, at the same time for the kal family to create a happy future! Thank you again for the blessing of the kal family, next year do not specialize in my birthday! I hope that every anemone family can remember the birthday of kal on August 25th, I hope to spend this birthday with you every year, because it should become the common birthday of the Anemone family, grateful to the family company.

A woman with such a heavy career, whether God should prefer her more!

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