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Busy Santa Claus, Not The Same Christmas Day



Busy Santa Claus, Not The Same Christmas Day!

 KAL'S Christmas

2018.      12.  25

As one of the most important holiday of the year in the western--Christmas Day, it seems to become more and more popular in China, although I feel not so deep, but in the festival buy some sale goods as gift to the child, send small gifts to family members, its interesting that to bring little surprise to them, after all, life is full of sense of ceremony will more color!As adults, we have to bear some responsibilities, more often we have to play a variety of roles, we also forget the expectation of Christmas gifts, but we still have to act as Santa Claus to our family, friends !

KAL's Santa Claus

This morning came to the office, as usual back to the seat, suddenly found that a gift on the table, not expensive but very delicate, in this Chinese plain Christmas day can also foil the Christmas atmosphere, in the above note paper on a few lines of words, firstly exclude someone secretly in love with their own possibility!(don't ask me how I know. That's how I used to play when I was in school.) Its a gift from  Kalmanagement center to everyone's Christmas gifts!


Look, isn't that nice? The colleagues in the Management Center play our Santa Claus once, e everyone came to work in the morning, said that Santa Claus has been here! It made us feel so warm then look at the smile on everyone's face to know that everyone is very happy.There is also a note paper for each Kals family greetings, hand-written blessing oh. Merry Christmas! And thanks for the hard work of colleagues in the management center!

Hello, Friends!

In front of Santa Claus, we are still the children who did not grow up!More fun in life is more interesting!At the moment, in this festival, the taste is quite sweet!And isn't that the color of life?

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