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The scene of Production Lines

The scene of Production Lines

Guangzhou kal plastic manufacturing co., LTD. is a set design, development, manufacturing, sales in the integration of functional mouse pad manufacturers, it is also a pioneer of mouse pad manufacturing industry at present in China,the company was founded in 2005, is located in zengcheng which city has "the hometown of litchi" reputation, guangzhou, guangdong province.

The company has an independent industry garden area with 20000 ㎡, office area 2000 ㎡, exhibition hall with 1000 ㎡, more than 90 sets of producing equipment, has an independent laboratory, 4000 ㎡ staff living quarters and all kinds of training, complete entertainment facilities complete, is only "doraemon" cartoon industry brand licensing mouse pad manufacturer, with BUFFALO, Intel and other international well-known computer related products enterprises have close cooperation, is also the industry's only through Germany Ryan TUV certification of the OEM, ODM mouse mat factory.

Our products are mainly exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as the European Union, the United States, Japan, South Korea, etc., and all kinds of products have reached international standards. At the same time we also sincerely invite peers to join together to make the mouse pad business bigger and stronger!

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