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Production Technology Equipment - Corona machine

Production Technology Equipment - Corona machine

Application of Corona machine:

Corona processors in the packaging industry commonly known as the motion sickness machine, known as the academic dielectric barrier discharge. Mainly used for plastic film or plastic products surface treatment, it work before the processes of ink printing, composite, blown film, coating, adhesive, material modification, grafting, polymer, coating, stretch film, paste processing, in order to make the surface of the product has a stronger adhesion strength (let it has a higher coefficient of dyne), to prevent the occurrence of printing in the process of production that jilt color, paste is not strong, coating glue uneven phenomenon such as leakage, affect the product quality, must first shock corona treatment.

The corona discharge equipment of national patent product is suitable for the surface pretreatment of silicone rubber, plastic and other materials, and the pretreatment of printing, adhesion, coating and other actions. The film corona processor is suitable for treating wet surface tension of PP, PE, PS, PET, PA, PVC, BOPP, OPP, PT etc.

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