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Dragon boat festival holiday notice!


It's time for everyone to learn our Chinese traditional culture together. -dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival is a very popular folk big festival in China, after the Dragon Boat Festival, is the traditional custom of the Chinese nation since ancient times, because of the vast region, coupled with many stories and legends, so not only produced a lot of different festival names, but also everywhere have different customs. Midsummer Dragon Boat Festival is the festival of Dragon Ascension, with the form of grilled dragon Boat Festival Dragon is an important custom theme of Dragon Boat Festival, this custom is still prevalent in the southern coast of China.

Holiday will begin from Jun.7 to Jun. 9, sorry for inconvenience.

Dragon Boat Festival is a mixture of evil spirits, epidemic prevention and other folklore as a whole, so later generations have thought that the Dragon Boat Festival is from the Ancients in order to "avoid evil and epidemic prevention" of the festival. Chinese culture has a long history, extensive and profound, the formation of ancient festivals contains a profound and rich cultural connotations, ancient festivals attach importance to the gods, ancestral beliefs and sacrificial activities, spiritual beliefs are the core of ancient traditional festivals, not to choose a day to avoid evil and epidemic prevention has become a popular folk big festival; Dragon Boat Festival originated from the Ancients" The saying of avoiding evil and epidemic prevention is a misunderstanding of the cultural connotation of ancient festivals in later generations. With regard to the blessing of the Dragon Boat Festival, most folklore families believe that it is only after the Dragon Boat Festival Day that the legendary historical figures are commemorated and attached to the festival, giving the festival other meanings, but these meanings are only part of the Dragon Boat Festival. "Dragon Boat Festival Ankang" has only been circulating in recent years, many ancient poems depict the jubilant festive atmosphere of the Dragon Boat Festival, Dragon Boat Festival since ancient times is the festive day of eating dumplings and grilled dragon boat, the ancient Dragon Boat Festival during the lively dragon Boat Show , Happy food Banquet, is the embodiment of the celebration of the holiday season, Dragon Boat Festival Happiness is the tradition.

Funny another name of dragon boat festival

In the traditional festival, on the diversity of folklore, only the Dragon Boat Festival can be compared with the Spring Festival, and all have the theme of Blessing, disaster elimination and other rituals and customs, evil spirits to eliminate the disaster of the good wishes. Dragon Boat Festival in the historical development and evolution of a variety of folklore as a whole, because of different regions and there is a difference in the content or details of customs. Dragon Boat Festival Custom activities in the form of blessing, with a strong regional characteristics. Every year before and after the Dragon Boat Festival, grilled boat, hangingai and acorus, wrapping “Zongzi “ nine lion worship Elephant , and Many other characteristics of the festival activities in all parts of the country, both traditional and innovative, diverse and colorful. During the Dragon Boat Festival, through the exhibition of traditional folk activities, it can not only enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the masses, but also inherit and carry forward the traditional culture well. Dragon Boat Festival culture is widely influenced in the world, and the countries affected by Dragon Boat Festival culture are Korea,Japan,Singapore,Viet Nam,United States,Germany,British etc.

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