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Happy birthday to Kal's families


Happy Birthday to you!

This was the birthday leading actor who was birthed in March!

During the event, the company's executives presented a message to everyone, thanking the staff for their efforts for Guangzhou Kal company, and hope that everyone will grow up healthily and strive to realize their dreams. The company is willing to grow with everyone.

Subsequently, all the employees of the company participated in the event to sing birthday songs, blow candles, make wishes, cut cakes, and impromptuly performed a wonderful program for the birthday stars. Exquisite birthday cards, although only simple words, but engraved the deep affection for everyone, devoted to the care for every employee. The lively atmosphere of the scene greatly mobilized the sense of corporate integration of each employee, and warmed everyone's heart.

Because of the helplessness of life and the busy work, perhaps we are getting tired and tired. Under the busy life, too many details are ignored, and "birthday" seems to become a vague memory in many people's minds. Until the familiar melody of "Birthday Song" sounded, the cake that shined with the flaming candle was brought up, and there was a long-lost warmth in the bottom of my heart.

Every business is a big family, and families love each other and warm each other! The heart gathers for a hundred careers, and the "family" harmony is the point which important for business! We hope that in the days to come, Kal's family will not change their minds, encourage each other, and go further together!

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