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How to choose a cheap mouse pad


A high-quality and cost-effective mouse pad has a very important impact on our work, game, and life. Good quality mouse pad helps us better play, poor quality mouse pad not only for our work, games, life brings a variety of not smooth, but also have an adverse effect on our body. So, what are the characteristics of a good mouse pad?

A good mouse pad must first be smooth and flat, but blindly pursue the slide and ignore the resistance, then lost the accuracy of the mouse pause, we want to pursue is uniform, soft, some smooth feel. KAL's products have always been the quality assurance, has always insisted "unqualified products is not ship out factory" test standards.

The friction coefficient, the coefficient is not a fixed number to moderate resistance is appropriate. In fact, the work of the mouse pad in the texture thickness and friction resistance is quite particular about. If the mouse pad in this area to do well, will give you high precision, high accuracy, allowing you to enjoy the work, the game, the joy of life. KAl's gaming mouse pad effectively enhance the precise positioning of the mouse to reduce the impact of various external factors on the mouse.

The reflective degree, a good mouse pad to be compatible with all basic optical mouse, high reflective and low are not conducive to the positioning of the mouse to moderate appropriate. Guangzhou KAL Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. grasp the manufacture of mouse pad technology, the mouse pad produced are in line with production requirements.

The water resistance, this issue is more concerned about everyone, afraid to play Khan when playing, or accidentally spilled water on the mat, resulting in the operation can not achieve the desired effect. A good mouse pad is generally a good use of breathable polymer composites, can solve the problem of water infiltration.

Easy to clean, the mouse pad is very easy to dirty, the mouse pad does not clean for a long time, some foreign objects will be negative on the surface of the mouse pad, resulting in the mouse operation is not very smooth, the relative effect will not play out It's

Adsorption, also known as non-slip, good mouse pad to have good adsorption and flexibility, so that the mouse pad with the desktop and other carriers instantly bond, peel, allowing users to use both convenient and practical. 

Printing, a good mouse pad from the surface of the printing can be seen, so everyone in the choice of mouse pad can look at the surface of the printing, to determine the quality of the mouse pad. The production of the mouse pad Kwai force are the best choice of printing technology, printing in the strict control, the product is  failed the printing, the wrong bit of the product can not ship out manufactured.

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