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Wrist rest mouse pad production craft - Injection

Wrist rest mouse pad production craft - Injection

Gel injection process is a main process of forming mouse pad in the production of silicone mouse pad and foaming wrist pad.Below I give you a brief introduction to the whole process of wrist pad products.

1. Prepare materials in advance, including cloth material, mold, gel raw materials and plastic film, etc.

2. Set up the mold, clip the mouse pad fabric at the position of the mold, and then draw the air to make the fabric close to the mold, exposing the shape of the mouse pad.

3. Pour the liquid soft gel material into the molds laid on the cloth evenly with the injection machine according to the fixed amount. After the liquid soft gel cools, cover the surface of the silicone with plastic film to protect the silicone bottom.

4. Remove silicone mouse pad from the mold and cutting the edge. After packaging, the  mouse pad all the production processes are finished.

From the above process description, I believe you should have an overall understanding of the gel injection process of the mouse pad. If you are interested in the gel injection process, you can contact us and arrange to come to Kal mouse pad factory to visit the whole production process. What are you waiting for?

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