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Into the mysterious mouse pad world 2/3


Plastic material


Plastic mouse pad products which are players use more, can be said to be apart from cloth mouse pad, because too slippery or too rough mouse pad for a small range of precise operation is not very beneficial. As a result, rapid movement and precise braking are often the opposite side of performance. At this time, plastic mouse pad product is a good compromise. Plastic mouse pad products are very smooth, control is also very stable, in the positioning of precision is also relatively high.

Advantages: excellent smoothness, stable control, high accuracy of positioning. Plastic mouse pad products will be used directly after they are dirty. Can directly washes it, its very convenient.

Disadvantages: The biggest drawback of the plastic mouse pad is less durable, especially those in the game using a low mouse speed and large-scale movement of the mouse players have a deep understanding of this.

Composite material


In addition to cloth and plastic two kinds of mouse pad products, composite mouse pad products in recent years have also occupied a lot of markets. Composite mouse pad products are usually made of several mixed materials, and because the synthetic material is very similar to the plastic mouse pad, this kind of mouse pad performs very well in terms of feel and positioning.

Advantages: Excellent feel and positioning in the smooth aspect of composite material mouse pad more slipper than plastic mouse pad.

Disadvantage: Synthetic material same as the plastic mouse pad in wear resistance aspect, are not wear-resistant, this is a point lots of player worries about.

Metal material


When it comes to metal mouse pad products, I believe many players will think of Steel's 3s, 4S aluminum mouse pad. These two metal mouse pad are the earliest exposure of domestic players to use the metal mouse pad products. Metal mouse pad through by special technology processing, the surface becomes uniform and meticulous, the mouse can easily move quickly above, its labor-saving, long-term use of hands will not be tired.

Advantages: this mouse pad positioning is also very accurate, cleaning is also very convenient, but also wear-resistant, strong not afraid of falling, not deformation and other characteristics.

Disadvantage: because metal heat conductivity is very good, this mouse pad will feel cold in winter. However, the compatibility of metal mouse pad is not ideal.

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