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KAL Factory 2019's commencement ceremony


Happy Chinese Spring Festival! After having a half month Spring Festival vacation, we all back to work on February 12th. All the production and business are continuing!

On the eighth day of the lunar year, all things are good! Business is booming, wish every source of wealth rolling, promotion in official post and salary raise,good luck, long fortune,Good things come in pairs,prosperity in the new year! (It’s hardly to express that our chinese congrats word in English haha~)

It is worth looking forward to the completion of the project in 2019.


On the first day of work, please accept the good luck of the new year.


Vacation is like a perfect full stop, also like a colon to open the future, and my blessing is like a series of exclamation points, endless! May the people I love and those who love me be happy every day, happy week, month and month healthy, season safe and happy every year! The first working day of the year of the Pig, start work well!


It's good to start. Cheer on 2019 years! @ Your efforts, even if you don't have money right now, will be turned into wealth, a treasure that one can't steal! Only the experience of knowledge and technology is that people can't take it from you! It's not only making you live until the time is ripe, you can take it for money. Sowing before you can get the result!

Time is a catch-off. Thank you for meeting, I wish the pig year all success. Let's go!


New year


You get whatever you want.


What you expect will come true.


A new day has begun. May I have a good day. May you have a good day. Let's get to work.


Life is to live, to do, not to think, to think is the first step, nothing to do. If you want to own a garden, roll up your sleeves, crawl through the soil, and fight against pests. The reason you see the flowers blooming in the garden is because someone sweats in the dirt. All good things have hard work you don't see.


The first working day of the year of the Pig, prepare with the greatest enthusiasm. Your ship sets sail again, moves forward, the new year you will create a magnificent chapter. The year of the Pig would like you to seize every opportunity, unremitting efforts, go all out, strive to become the mainstay of society, other people's pearl.


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