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KAL mouse pad as an advertising gift has four major advantages


Now is the commodity economy and society, not the ancient "wine is not afraid of the alley," and now business must survive their own brand out, advertising is to more people understand the business and corporate products, businesses can survive, there are Development, to be invincible. An excellent product, there must be a good advertising in the background to support it, such as Coca-Cola annual huge investment, JDB, China Mobile and so on. According to incomplete statistics, the average company will be 10% of profits for the next year  advertising.

The ads we usually see are as large as TV screens, street signs, the internet, newspapers, small leaflets, business cards, printed matters, etc. These advertisements have advantages and disadvantages. For example, running ads on television and on the web, with small amounts of information, fleeting, expensive, and short broadcast cycles. With business cards, newspapers, brochures to put, people do not pay attention, get discarded after hand, and so on.

The goal of advertising  have four points: "inform, convince, remind, reinforce," while ads with mouse pads can complement each other precisely with these four points:

  1.Inform: The 21st century is a computer popularization era, the computer gradually into millions of households, and add-on "mouse pad" is an essential computer external components.

  2 .persuasion: often to show consumers a product, make it persuasive, not a few words can be solved, you need to describe the performance of the product from a multi-angle, and the vast width of the mouse pad just to solve other ads do not have This function.

  3. Reminder: In the home computer, work with the computer, if the mouse pad printing ads, you can form a look up, bow to see the reminder.

  4. Enhanced: The performance of the mouse pad determines the ads on the mouse pad Unlike TV, books, newspapers, etc., from your field of vision flash, but can do for you to strengthen the long-term publicity.

Guangzhou KAL Plastics Manufacturing  Co., Ltd. is a large-scale mouse pad manufacturer integrating product design, R & D, manufacturing and sales. It has entered the mouse pad industry for more than 10 years from small to large, step by step to today's Asia's largest, has become the leader in the mouse pad industry, China's first brand mouse pad.

KAL mouse pad advertising has been used in various fields: IT, communications, medicine, food, games, cars, etc., but also long-term cooperation with the world's top 500 enterprises, for example, Toyota, Microsoft, China Mobile and so on.

Years of mouse pad market accumulation and development, KAL Force formed a sound corporate culture, cultivating a master product development, design, production of the elite team, to provide customers with sale, sale, the sale of the process encountered in everything Problems, so that 100% customer satisfaction. Welcome home and abroad for mouse pad samples.

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