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Production Craft-Laser-Cutting

Production Craft-Laser-Cutting

Laser vaporization cutting

The high energy density laser beam is used to heat the rubber material, so that the temperature rises rapidly and reaches the boiling point of the material in a very short time, then material after heating begin vaporization and forming steam. And these vapors are coming out at a very high rate, and as they're coming out, it’s making a cut in the material. The vaporization is generally very heat, so laser vaporization cutting requires a lot of power and power density. Laser vaporization cutting is mainly used for cutting extremely thin metallic materials and non-metallic materials (such as paper, cloth, wood, plastic and rubber, etc.)

Compared with other conventional machining cutting methods, laser cutting has greater adaptability. First of all, compared with other thermal cutting methods, as a thermal cutting process, other methods cannot act on a very small area like the laser beam, resulting in wide incision, large thermal impact area and obvious deformation of the product. Lasers can cut nonmetals, whereas other thermal cutting methods cannot.

On the other hand, as people's living standard gradually increases and people pay more and more attention to the living environment, the laser cutting edge mouse pad has been gradually withdrawn from the stage in the industrial area of guangzhou, because the air pollution caused by the laser cutting process has an impact on people's healthy living environment. Therefore, in line with the environmental requirements of the society, we advocate not using the laser edge cutting machine as far as possible.

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