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Let summer say goodbye to sultry and wrist fatigue


Let summer say goodbye to sultry and wrist fatigue!

Summer exclusive - new transparent gel wrist rest.

The most annoying thing for office workers in summer is their sweaty and sticky hands. The new transparent wrist rest not only can take care of the wrist, but also can bring a cool touch; Cartoon cute design appearance, just put it on the desktop as decoration can make people feel happy.

With the development of digitalization, we are more and more using computers for work, study or entertainment. However, after using computers for a long time, we will unconsciously feel stiff and sore wrists, and pigmentation or cocooning will appear at the wrists. These are the mouse hand symptoms caused by the long-term friction and oppression between the wrists and the desktop when using the mouse.

At present, we have innovated various wrist rest mouse pads for people's health, which really reduces the risk of suffering from mouse hands. However, in the hot summer, the wrist will always feel hot and sweaty when clinging to the cloth. The ordinary cloth wrist pad is easy to be stained by sweat and stains, and it is difficult to clean thoroughly. The new transparent wrist rest designed for summer completely solves the two troubles of wrist fatigue and hot sweating.

The new transparent wrist rest is made of a new glue injection process. The silicone integrated wrist rest is crystal clear and elastic. It can support the wrist, alleviate wrist fatigue, and say goodbye to the mouse hand. The wrist rest has built-in HD printing film, and a variety of patterns support customization. The surface is smooth, clean and waterproof, and it can always keep dry in summer. No matter what stains can be washed directly with water and then become new. It is not only easy to use, but also a beautiful ornament. Cartoon cute patterns in different colors bring you a good mood by decorating the desktop at will. You can poke and pinch in your spare time, which is fun and decompression, and accompany you to spend your daily life with super cute ease.

We have new machines and equipment to support multiple production lines, complete industrial chain and industrial system to ensure delivery efficiency and stable quality. Professional design teams develop and design creative products, provide free massive original design gallery, have intellectual property certification and multiple product patents, support oem/odm and small batch customization processing, and save your valuable time with one-stop service.

Guangzhou Kal Plastics Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the mouse pad industry for 18 years. It is a modern processing and customization enterprise integrating scientific research, production and marketing of silica gel products and rubber products. It has a complete mouse pad production line and a full set of mouse pad production equipment. It has produced more than 5000 kinds of mouse pad products. It has become the first batch of manufacturers in the industry to pass ISO9001, ISO14001 and BSCI system certification, It has won the title of national high-tech enterprise and is the first enterprise to introduce lean production. It has 14 nationally recognized patents and its products are sold all over the world. Guangzhou Kal Plastics Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has always been guided by market demand and driven by innovation and development. Adhering to the core concept of "innovating products with heart and caring for health", it is constantly forging ahead to provide healthy and environmentally friendly products for mankind!

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