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Gaming mouse pad Locking edge craft

Gaming mouse pad Locking edge craft

Usually we customize the mouse pad, will consider whether the problem of locking, so what is the advantage of the mouse pad locking?

Lock edge mouse pad, compared to the mouse pad without lock edge, process added a step, and lock edge using different needle and thread, the overall look is more likely to be harmonious, the most important point of locking edge is make the mouse pad uses longer than unlocking mouse pad, the mouse pad will not peeling, also the cloth and rubber pad will not separate.

So why is that most of the mouse pad we see in our daily life are not stitching edge? Because the current production of mouse pad technology, has been able to make the mouse pad and cloth have a good paste together, using the mouse pad normally of 2-3 years will not take off. And I prefer the mouse pad that does not stitched the edge, basically look clean, neat, exquisite.

The price of mouse pad stitched edge will be more expensive than not stitched mouse pad. Usually, the price difference is between 0.3-0.6 RMB, mainly cause by the stitched is usually divided into ordinary stitched and precision stitched.

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