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Meet the blocked eleven and happy Monday


On the 11th National Day, Guangzhou Kwaili also put a long holiday, although not as much as 7 days, but it is enough for everyone to experience the atmosphere of the festival. In fact, it is mainly traffic jams everywhere. Where can I go? Instead of being blocked and crying and going out to see the head, I simply stayed at home and honestly, so the holiday that has been too long has become less anticipated. People can't be idle, they will have an accident when they are idle. I always believe this sentence, so I am not happy with my work at home, but I don't think it is so happy, but I consider that a news report will cost 3,000 yuan per person per holiday. One-four people consume more than 10,000 people per person, and I only spent less than 500 pieces, hehe! It is really...! ! ! So, go to work! Go to work!

Closer to home, today is the first Monday of work. According to the usual practice, today’s monthly meeting will be held for all employees. What will be presented today?

Two paragraphs of fast and slow dance, the morning will officially kicked off.

The next step is to commend the individuals who have performed well last month. The small prizes are issued by the way. The prizes are not the focus. The key point is to encourage everyone to make persistent efforts. Further, others must catch up!

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