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Mouse Pad Cleaning Method


Mouse mat that lots of office worker often use it. But think carefully, as if about mouse mat, we never thought to how to do its sanitation.

Because many people think that can you wash the mouse pad? Let us tell about that the mouse pad can be completely clean, just have the appropriate method to clean.

Now let us to say in detail which often use but did not thought to clean the mouse pad and how to make it clean.

Generally speaking, we usually use the mouse pad have many odor. Because of in the process of production, there are some chemical materials easier to make the mouse pad produce some peculiar smell,

and we all know that the opposite of the mouse pad in order to achieve an anti-skid effect, almost will use foam rubber.

So ,it will be cause to a large number of rubber holes on the mouse pad, which is very easy to absorb some messy things on the mouse pad.

 In addition, after the production of the mouse pad, it is usually directly packaged into the packaging, the mouse pad is in a sealed environment.

We open the mouse pad in the packaging, will smell a strange smell naturally. Generally speaking, most people will not do the cleaning work for a new mouse pad.

 Because it's easy to do irreparable damage to the mouse pad itself. On the safe side, you can use some materials with strong absorption of peculiar smell to achieve the purpose of eliminating peculiar smell.

Using bamboo charcoal or activated carbon to remove the odor will have a good effect, because the adsorption effect of charcoal, is very powerful.

Mouse pad after using a period of time is to be cleaned and the mouse pad can be cleaned, but need to noted the method . Please see the following points when washing.

When cleaning the mouse pad, do not use a brush to scrub the surface . Do not use the washing machine to wash it. Don't be too violent wash it.

After washing, do not hang in the sun, it is will cause the material of the mouse pad harden and deformation.

Firstly, we can put some liquid detergent into warm water, and then put the mouse pad into the water for 10-15 minutes. At this time, the dirty substances will be dissolution slowly.

The water is turning black, we can soft wash on the mouse pad. In this way, the surface of the dirt almost haven’t. After it, smooth out the pad in a cool place and it will dry out in a short time.



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