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New gaming accessory - Gaming chair floor mat


When we buy a computer chair, we all buy a computer chair floor pad for our chair. Why? Because we are not only interested in the use of functions, but also for the decoration function to add a bit of atmosphere to the home or office, so the requirements of the computer chair pad is also for these two aspects to consider.


Kal pink e-sport chair mat

Rubber bottom  + fabric top 

Kal e-sport chair mat

Rubber bottom + fabric top 

Protect the floor -- this is the most important use function of the computer chair floor pad, especially the wooden floor is easy to be scratched by the computer chair, if the scratch not only affects the service life, but also affects the beauty. It is not only troublesome to change when the floor is damaged. And the same style of wooden floor is also difficult to find. So maintenance is the key. The use of computer chairs to protect the floor has played a very important role.


Material -- the choice of the computer chair mat material is very important, because the material not only involves the feeling of use, price but also has a great deal to do with the use cycle, of course, also from the material considerations, Should also combine the difficulty of cleaning and whether it is necessary to clean,etc. According to their own actual situation to decide what kind of computer chair pad to buy.


Comfortable -- we all like to wear slippers or not when we use computer chairs at home. But it will feel cold when we have direct contact with the floor for a long time on the soles of our feet. This is bad for our health. At this time, a computer chair mats, can play a very good warm-keeping. Also let our life more comfortable and warm.

Safety -- many floors have sliding shortcomings, especially in the case of water, more easily slip. So the computer chair pad can prevent the ground damp, also not easy to slip. No matter what goods we choose, safety is the most important thing. Therefore, when choosing, you should also choose the backside slide-resistant mats. As we know, the rubber bottom has good anti-slip effect, it can grip the floor steady, keep the mat in place and also keep the chair silent when your chair moving.

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