- OEM -

OEM services is that you do not directly produce mouse pads, but use your  design produce the mouse pad in our factory.


Kal plastic manufacturing company provides OEM services for companies without production lines, not only can reduce the risk of new production lines, but also by signing contracts to ensure the progress of production, quality, production of your own brand designed mouse pad products.


Just provide customized requirements ,tailor-made customized solutions for you.

reasonable price mouse pad factory




- ODM -

Confirm cooperation and sign the contract . Production, Packaging and Distribution.

Kal plastic manufacturing company has product design capability and manufacturing capacity, can design and produce mouse pad according to the product concept you provide. ODM service’s advantage is to reduce your product R & D time.

Product solutions designed by ODM can be offered to you in the form of buyouts or non-buyouts:Buyout: you can buy out the design of a ODM model, or you can ask the ODM manufacturer to design your own solution.

Non-buyout: we can sell the same design to other brands at the same time. When two or more brands share a design, the difference between the two brands is mainly in appearance.



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