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Our office

Our office

As you can see, this is our office area in Kal mouse pad factory. Most of the perspectives are from our sales department. Wearing Kal’s work clothes and using Kal’s ergonomic mouse pad and keyboard pad, we are publicize the concept of our office health products to customers, and at the same time, we also pay attention to our own office health! We use green theme color to echo our health concept of KAL color, look, our clothing color is green, very conspicuous, vibrant!

Make a brief introduction to the internal organizational structure of our mouse pad factory! First of all, the first floor is the manufacturing site of our factory, namely the production workshop, where all the processes of mouse pad are completed, such as pattern printing, semi-finished cutting, silicon injection process of wrist pad, packaging and other processes. Next is the second floor, this is our material storage area, all kinds of mouse pad’s cloth materials and rubber materials, since it is the place to store materials, of course, our warehouse management department personnel office is here; The third floor is the office area of our sales department, design department, purchasing department and Commerce Department. Finally, the fourth floor is our finished product storage room. Welcome to visit our factory to guide the work!

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