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Optical mouse, which color mouse pad is good


Mouse pad is a mouse for more accurate use and equipped with a secondary use of tools to understand the mouse in what color the mouse pad on the use of better results, first of all, KAL's mouse pad experts for us to explain the general principle of optical mouse

We currently see the  99% of the mouse the market are optical mouse. Optical mouse contains the four most important core components: light-emitting diode (that is, we see the red light LED) optical engine (the most expensive part of the mouse, which is the mouse IC model, its role is equivalent to the human eye), the lens , Control chip (mouse's brain). Its working principle is the light emitted by the LED, illuminate the bottom of the optical mouse and then part of the light reflected back from the bottom surface of the optical mouse, through the lens, transmitted to the optical engine imaging. In this way, when the optical mouse moves, its movement track will be recorded as a series of high-speed continuous shooting images. The mouse lens and the control chip analyze and analyze a series of images taken on the moving track. By analyzing the positions of the feature points Changes to analyze, to determine the direction of the mouse and move the distance to complete the cursor positioning.

The optical mouse's optical engine determines the orientation of the cursor by receiving the feedback image. If the moving surface is too smooth, it may not be able to generate enough diffuse reflection light so that the intensity of the reflected light received by the sensor is so weak that the positioning chip can not discriminate , Resulting in abnormal mouse work  .

So what color mouse pad should we choose to form a more slow reflection of the light at the bottom of the mouse? KAL's mouse pad expert advice usually darker than the light color, because the dark is light absorption, white reflective, but some very white interface, such as tiles it? The desktop is still very uniform interface, so rough interface, such as clothes, your basic optical mouse can not move, because the rough interface reflects little light, the mouse optical engine can not receive the signal.。

From the cleaning point of view:

Darker than the light color is more easy to clean, but also more dirt, so darker than light, such as red, blue, black, etc.


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