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Otaku designer, the use of KAL mouse pad a week after the miracle happened ...


I am a otaku, otaku life that everybody calls designer, you do not understand every day with mouse, keyboard, more than eating children.
Ever since the disease, panic, always wondering how the mouse hand should be how to prevent? Headache for this end, the mouse hand has begun to affect my life, and usually nothing is sore, the key is not able to take things recently slightly heavier! Until one day a video anchor in the broadcast when the novelty recommended Sunflower mouse pad, a week after the strange happened to miracles .
Designers, every day have endless pictures. But at the same time a otaku, like to watch live web video. Especially one of the ID is called "to work that day" live, the live platform has a lot of anchors, I am deeply obsessed with one of the anchor a sister. As long as there is a sister live, I will stick in front of the phone, would rather work overtime, not far missed a sister live.

One day, when I was told by a fan group of a sister that there was a live broadcast at night, she started to work hard hard. Right hand wrist has been faint pain Koji did not mind. Finally arrived at night, I boarded the broadcast account, waiting for my goddess a sister. After a burst of greeting and chatting, a sister suddenly came up with a mouse pad to show up. I take a closer look, this mouse pad is special, turned out to be a 3D mouse pad with a sister portrait!

Prevent the mouse hand should pay attention to the wrist as flat as possible position to operate the keyboard, neither bending nor sagging; Typing should be facing the keyboard, otherwise easily lead to excessive wrist tension. Use the mouse when the wrist straight, do not leave the arm floating, try to use the arm when moving the mouse to avoid the use of wrist force.

Finally, the most important thing to prevent mouse hand is to use ergonomic wrist pads, such as the KAL‘s mouse pad! KAL's mouse power function Wrist mouse pad is Asia's largest manufacturer of mouse pad Guangzhou KAL plastics Manufacturing CO.,Ltd manufactured. KAL's wrist mouse pad using precise ergonomic design, the use of healthy silicone material filled to create, for the prevention of hand mouse has a great help, get a lot of urban white-collar office workers of all ages. Not only that, but also by the young people in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea favorite, each year tens of millions of exports

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