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Our Funny Morning Activity


Work Hard, Play Hard!
Mon. 01.07

As you know, we are a mouse pad factory! We have Product Department, Quality Inspection Department, Engineering Department,Design Department, Sale Department etc. All of us constitute a Kal’s family!Introduce about this activity, today is Monday, we came to the playground as usual and have a big meeting with all the colleagues. First, we went to the playground to line up according to the name of the team, and then count the number of people. After led by Ms. Tang and Mr. Bai, we danced two warm-up dances together, all minster of the department summarized the situation of last week in front of all the colleague.

Kal Plastic Manufacturing Co.Ltd. 

Ok, let’s continue the most interesting part--we set up 10 cups of drink, like the picture, the rule is a team get the most drink in one minute, no over the line, not allow to touch the ground except the feet that is winner! The distance between the line and the drinks about 1.8 meter, we are shorter than the 1.8m distance, it never finished by oneself, that is a team work! 

At this situation, we must choose the tall and slim one to get the drinks, cause our team member need to catch her and provide her power to stay balance in the air.But look here, it seen were not a wise choose! HaHa~ At the end of the event, I don't know who was won, but I remember we had a good time!

About our company

Guangzhou Kal plastic manufacturing co., ltd. is a focus on mouse pad custom mouse pad manufacturer, the company was founded in 2005, today, whether the scale of production, number of employees, equipment, product category in the industry forefront, Kal force people after years of hard work, innovation, by a dozen people workshop to develop into today scale of hundreds of people.It also makes Kal one of the first batch of manufacturers in the industry to pass ISO9001, ISO14001 and BSCI system certification. At the same time, it has won the title of national high-tech enterprise, and it is also the first enterprise to introduce lean production.It has obtained 43 national patents.The company has always adhered to the core concept of "a sea that embraces all rivers and a river that can rise high without any obstacles". The company takes the mission of pursuing the double happiness of the staff both materially and spiritually, realizing the participation of all staff in operation, and making contributions to human health as its mission.Kal is always sailing and forging ahead!Now has become a set of silicone products and rubber products research, production, marketing in one of the modern processing custom enterprises.The company has a complete mouse pad production line and a full set of mouse pad production equipment, the production of mouse pad products category is up to 5000 kinds.

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