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Mousepad Packaging line

Mousepad Packaging line

The final step in the production of a product-packaging. Different operations vary according to packaging, such as double-blister and blister+color paper packaging. Here giving you a summary of the mouse pad packaging:


The package of the game pad and the flat pad:

1. Opp bag product packaging

2.Color card bag packaging

3.Color paper card + blank card bag

4.Heat shrink film + color card heat seal

5.Blister + color box

6.Color box

7.Flat color box

8.Color cylinder box


Packaging of the wrist rest mouse pad:

1.Opp bag packaging

2.Double-blister package

3.Single-side blister+color back card

4.Color box packaging

The package way selected different, and the price is different; the packaging method includes the design and printing of the package. Create a mouse pad that has feature of your own brand from the printing and package of product.

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