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Please pay attention to the mouse hand guard


compared to a bowl, then the mouse pad can be compared to chopsticks, only to find the most suitable tableware, that can be the fastest speed.

The role of a small mouse pad, we can not treat him as a small, every product can survive in the market, then it has its own natural way of survival. Why the current mouse pad color endless, from the initial plane into a wristband, from the initial rubber material into silicone, memory cotton, aluminum, glass, etc., all of these and people's work are closely linked.

Now that the popularity of computers is getting wider and wider, the time spent on computers is also growing. Working with computers and going home or using computers, however, there are symptoms of computer occupational diseases such as the mouse we usually know hand. If you are a computer worker, then pay attention to your daily mouse hand protection, I suggest you: 1, the use of the mouse more than half an hour, to the timely movement of the wrist joints 2, the best use of ergonomic mouse pad, you can play more Effective protection 3, to maintain the correct posture, hand wrist to maintain a natural state

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