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Production Technology Machine - Printer

Because there are many design logo, it must be able to withstand the time test, long-term no variant, words must be long-term preservation, not fade, not by coming into contact with the solvent will wear, not because of high temperature deformation change color, and so on, so it is necessary to adopt a kind of special printing media and printed materials to ensure that these features, general of ink-jet printing technology cannot achieve, laser printing, may be beyond the reach and needle dozen effect with the original design can't meet the requirements, then there is the emergence of the thermal transfer technology.Thermal transfer technology, simply put, is to use a special carbon belt, through similar to the working principle of the fax machine to print head, carried the  carbon powder coating after heating way, transfer to the paper or on other kinds of material, the carbon coating material of the belt can choose according to need, have strong adhesion, it can be more ensure that printed pattern is not affected by the outside world.And this heating process can use the computer to control, because there have been developed a variety of software specifically used to print labels, so,it can be said to be very convenient

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