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Mouse Pad Sample Hall - Kal Factory

Functions of product exhibition hall:
1. Display the appearance of all Kal’s mouse pad products: customers can directly feel the appearance characteristics of mouse pad through the exhibition hall; And see the difference package of the product have difference visual effect!
2. Demonstrate the performance of the product: special service personnel will show the new features of the product to customers and explain them, so that customers can fully understand the details of the mouse pad we produce;
3. Introduce the manufacturers: in the process of product display, we can also introduce the production background of the mouse pad, such as the company's status and our development prospects.
4. Brand building: let more people know about Kal mouse pad products through the product exhibition hall, which is a good way to establish our own brand;
5. Communication and interaction between manufacturers and customers: in the exhibition hall, manufacturers and customers can directly communicate with each other, which leads to trouble of buying and booking, and the cooperation rate is relatively fast;
6. Contract signing: if both parties reach an agreement, the contract can be signed directly in the exhibition hall.

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