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Six improvements Study


Today, four family members of Kal finished their studies at the 3-day seminar on "Six Refinement" organized by Sheng-WA juku in Guangdong province. And in the morning meeting will do a deep sharing, listen to their affectionate full sharing, let a person felt warm heart.

"Six Refinement" is by the creation of Kyocera and KDDI two of the world's top 500 enterprises and known as the " Operation of the holy " Mr. Inamori Kazuo put forward the business philosophy, not only the concept of operating enterprises, but also the concept of business life, and the philosophy of life

Six improvements

  • First, pay as much as anyone's efforts

  • Second, to be humble, do not be proud

  • Third, to reflect every day

  • Forth, live, to thank five, Yoshinobu Line, think altruistic

  • Fifth, Yoshinobu Line, think altruistic

  • Sixth, do not have sensual troubles.

Very brief, very simple six sentences, there is no complicated truth, but it is a very practical guide to life. Kal Company to participate in the Sheng-WA juku "Six refinement" seminar has a long history, the company is payed fees sent out a batch of family members to study. This kind of learning is not methodology, not skills training, but combined with Chinese traditional culture and philosophy to stimulate human nature, awakening people's education, "six refinement" is to awaken the hearts of the people, promote the construction of corporate culture a strong entry point, it is to let people back to the correct track of life, so that everyone live out the true appearance of the medicine. And Kal Company in the construction of corporate culture is also very compatible with this point, Kal's mission is: the pursuit of staff material and spiritual double happiness, to achieve full participation in management, to contribute to human health. KAL Company in the enterprise culture to build a very attention to human nature, the cultivation of the human heart, only to do a good job, even if the process will be long, but we will still go forward, because this is the pursuit! And every soul is eager to be saved! And every soul is worth saving! Because every person's heart has a kind of good seed!

In these 3 days of study, there are theories and practices, so that we can deeply understand the "six excellence" at the same time, but also require us in the next life and work to practice these six sentence. Boulevard to Jane, it's easy, we change and practice day by day, will certainly be like Mr. Inamori Kazuo said "Six refinement" is the most basic conditions which is necessary to do a good job in the operation of enterprises, but also through a better life must abide by the most basic conditions. If people can continue to practice this six refinement day after day, life will be better than our own ability and imagination. ”

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