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Super Cool mouse pad logo printing


Today I want to show you super cute logo printing which is our company new craft!

For the printing of the mouse pad logo, the current practice in the whole industry is similar to this, one-color logo hot stamping, this logo is simple and clear, firm, low cost, belongs to the plane logo, and is currently widely used.

So how do you start to innovate for this logo? It’s not difficult to talk about innovation just now. Because you don’t need a complicated implementation. You can do it differently or break the routine. It’s actually an innovation. As the saying goes, you can’t think of it. So, we can try other rendering methods, such as 3D logo, using other materials, using gradients, etc.

I can't wait! Show picture first~

Does it so cute? It's soft and fuuny, when your wrist put on the logo surface that feel is hard to describe, just a word - comfortable! You must be haven't see it before ! This is the logo style recently developed by Guangzhou Kal Plastic Manufacturing  Co., Ltd. It adopts offset printing technology, letterpress printing, three-dimensional rendering, clear lines, clear outline, and the combination with the product is very firm, which improves the grade of the product.

The other one is made of flocking heat transfer, three-dimensional rendering, with a soft, plush feeling of flocking cloth, a variety of colors mix and match, dreamy and beautiful, so that the product quickly file!

At last, show you more type of logo printed on the mouse pad .

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