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Edge cutting craft of the wrist rest product

Edge cutting craft of the wrist rest product

There are several ways to cut the edge of the mouse pad: 1.Rubber mouse pad cutting edge series: laser cutting edge and punching machine cutting. 2.Silicone mouse pad cutting edge series: use special cutting machine to manually align the distance between the mouse pad and the machine for cutting edge.

Here the shaped up of the silicone mouse pad is introduced. We start from the product injection, injection process is used in the production of silicone type mouse pad and foam wrist rest mouse pad in a molding process. Set up the mold, then keep the mouse pad fabric at the position of the mold clamped in the mold, and then take out the air, so that the fabric close to the mold, revealing the shape of the mouse pad. The liquid soft glue has been adjusted to a proper ratio is evenly injected into the mold that has been laid on the cloth with the glue injection machine according to a fixed amount. After the liquid soft glue condense, use a plastic film to lay on the surface of the silica gel to protect the silica gel bottom. Moving the silicone mouse pad from the mold, after cutting process & packaging, mouse pad has been completed.

Cutting edge, as the name suggests, is to cut the product redundant edge material, make mouse pad shaped up finished. Use the edge cutting machine, stick to the edge of the mouse pad to go around, then complete the cutting!

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