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The advantages of advertising mouse pad


More effective. The mouse pad made will not be like other business CARDS and advertising leaflets because others will casually thrown into the garbage,

so that your every input into actual.


     Cheaper price . Although TV advertisement effect is good, but the cost is higher.

         Mouse pad advertisement is more vivid and direct than newspaper, print advertisement will be discarded   conveniently, mouse mat can be used for many times.

         After using this method, will reduced the advertising mouse pad threshold greatly.

        A small businesses or self-employed people also have their own mouse pad, it is no longer the patent of large enterprises and tourist attractions.


Large page views. Generally a business card only one person to see, but mouse pad business card will let his friends and relatives to notice,increase more business opportunities.


      Advertising is a long-term effect, it is same as long time not seen your friends, it will become unfamiliar and forgotten.


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