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The beauty of Chinese classics on the desktop


Now the mouse pad is not only a daily necessities, but also a kind of decoration and style. The fashionable mouse pad can bring a sense of atmosphere to your desktop. Whether at home or in the company, the exquisite and beautiful desktop makes people feel pleasing to the eye when they see it.

KAL, as a creative mouse pad company, led the creative mouse pad company, began to seek opportunities and inspiration in Chinese traditional culture. Combined with the long-standing traditional culture and the booming modern civilization, KAL used the design of the mouse pad to connect the traditional classics with network technology, and created the Tang Dynasty beauty wrist guard mouse pad, the Tang Dynasty beauty keyboard handle, and the classical oversized mouse table pad.

Tang Dynasty beauty wrist guard mouse pad

The creative and beautiful mouse pad can make your working environment more fashionable, and can also protect your wrists from mouse hands. The beauty products of the Tang Dynasty are created with the warm and unrestrained, free and beautiful posture of women in the Tang Dynasty, with the heart of beauty and the pursuit of fashion. A cartoon Tang Dynasty beauty with gorgeous makeup and gorgeous clothes is vivid on the mouse pad. The three Chinese classical color systems of green, lotus root and Emperor yellow correspond to Tang beauties with different scenes and postures, and the charming, plump and gorgeous images of Tang beauties leap on the desktop. Silicone wristband soft support wrist, avoid long-term friction between wrist and desktop, protect your wrist, prevent mouse hand, and give you pleasant visual enjoyment at the same time.

Chinese classic oversized table mat

With the wrist guard mouse pad set, it is natural to have a multi-functional and multi-purpose mouse table pad. The five classic table pads are different from each other, showing the dazzling beauty of Chinese traditional culture with a long history at the same site, and vividly displaying the ancient, elegant, solemn and other elements on the desktop. The special splayed rubber bottom is firmly attached to the desktop when using the mouse or writing, and the precise locking edge is more wear-resistant and durable. The smooth cloth surface is comfortable to use, soft, dirt resistant and easy to clean. The oversized table mat can not only protect your desktop from daily wear and tear, but also immediately turn the original dull desk into a compelling private workspace, thus strengthening the motivation of learning and creation.

Guangzhou Kal Plastics Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the mouse pad industry for 18 years. It is a modern processing and customization enterprise integrating scientific research, production and marketing of silica gel products and rubber products. It has a complete mouse pad production line and a full set of mouse pad production equipment. It has produced more than 5000 kinds of mouse pad products. It has become the first batch of manufacturers in the industry to pass ISO9001, ISO14001 and BSCI system certification, It has won the title of national high-tech enterprise and is the first enterprise to introduce lean production. It has 14 nationally recognized patents and its products are sold all over the world. Guangzhou Kal Plastics Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has always been guided by market demand and driven by innovation and development. Adhering to the core concept of "innovating products with heart and caring for health", it is constantly forging ahead to provide healthy and environmentally friendly products for mankind!

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