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The importance of mouse pad


What is mouse padIt is the mat that support the mouse in using a process.

The main function is to prevent the reflection and refraction of the surface of glass or other special materials from affecting the positioning of the mouse optical sensor, and to provide a convenient plane for the mouse optical sensor system to calculate the moving vector.

Generally speaking, is to give the mouse a more accurate positioning of the medium surface.

As an indispensable standard input equipment, the mouse pad is so important for office clerks and gamers , a good mouse certainly can't short of its best partner, mouse pad.

Mouse pad except of prevent the mouse bottom damage to the desktop, more importantly, it can reduce the mouse bottom foot paste and shell wear effectively, and the mouse pad material is more smooth. Reducing the skipping phenomenon of displayer during the mouse use process.

A good mouse pad not only makes the have a longer life, but also gives you a smoother and more accurate control feeling.

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