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KAL gaming mouse pad gives you quality and RGB on a budget


RGB mouse pads are definitely a thing and this is one of the better budget options out there.RGB is all the rage these days, and gaming-PC and accessory makers are cramming as much of it as possible into as many different products as possible.Some of the big guys, such as Razer and Corsair, have their own options, syncing to their respective RGB platforms, but they're not the only companies joining the craze. You also don't have to spend a lot, as this excellent RGB mouse pad from KAL proves.


What you need to know about the RGB gaming mouse pad

For $8 /PC (at least $15-$20 less than the leading brands) you get a mouse pad that's only a touch larger than standard size, with a braided USB cable coming from the top and a light strip around the perimeter. The top is cloth, so it doesn't weigh quite as much as a full hard mouse pad, but it's still got some heft and some pretty thick rubber feet to keep it planted on the desk at all times.

Being a fabric top gets a thumbs up from most of gamer. The RGB gaming mouse pad is very good, though, and while not exactly the same, it's close to the feeling of the Razer Goliathus. It's very smooth and the mouse just glides across it effortlessly.

The single best feature about this mouse pad is that you don't need any software to operate the lighting. There's a touch button on the front of it that both changes the lighting pattern or turns it off completely. The downside if you use anything else with RGB is that you can't sync the mouse pad to it, as it's completely driver-less.

There's a choice of solid colors or two different cycling effects, so not a whole lot to choose from, but the colors are vivid and the lighting is bright enough to stand out without blinding you when it gets darker. A brightness adjuster would have been nice, but at this price, it's hardly a deal breaker.

The quality of the lighting is on par with the more established brands, you simply lack the added control that a companion application brings. But the RGB looks great.

Final thoughts on the RGB gaming mouse pad

RGB mouse pads are still something of a luxury item, and even though this one is a terrific price, it's still a good bit more expensive than you can snag a good quality regular mouse pad for.

But if you want in on the RGB without spending a ton of money then this is a really good shout. If you like soft mouse pads in particular, grab this one, as the fabric surface is extremely good, the braided cable and general construction is high quality and it's well worth the outlay. 

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