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The other side of the mouse pad


Mouse pad as a special advertising promotional products, with low price, excellent marketing results won the love of the number of businesses.

Many people will take the advertising mouse pad as the first choice of advertising promotional products.

However the kind of advertisement mouse pad, material, specification has a lot the price also is from low to tall, how to choose mouse mat as promotion advertisement mouse mat.

 Below is my experience in purchasing advertising mouse pad,hope to help you.

First, according to the characteristics of the target group of advertising promotional gifts, choose it meet the needs of this group.

If the group is white-collar, it must choose better quality mouse pad, because white-collar group USES computer frequency highest, mouse mat most easily bad;

If it needs to be distributed in large quantities on the street or at an event, it can choose a bit cheaper advertisement mouse mat to make, but this cheap not equal to crudely make.

Through design, layout, content, color, appearance and other aspects of the coordination, it could make a favorite mouse pad.

Therefore, design for advertising mouse pad is also very important.

        Second, according to the specific time of promotional activities, choose suitable advertising promotion products in this season.

 Autumn and winter season sales promotion, it is recommended to choose cloth mouse pad as  promotional gifts, because cloth insulation;

Summer promotion, should choose PVC surface, crystal wrist type mouse pad, can let the hand feel cool, comfortable.

Third, Choice and company theme consistent with the promotion of products. Advertising mouse pad is used for advertising, If you’re a marketer, it is necessary to see whether the product characteristics and the company theme is relevant, for achieve the best marketing effect.

For example, large group companies do promotion, will notice publicity and reflect the image of the enterprise, can order high-end advertising mouse pad; As a high-tech company, we usually choose the mouse pad with smooth surface and PVC surface to display the high-tech content of the company's products with the high-tech theme pattern printed. Tire companies, generally choose natural rubber material mouse pad to do advertising promotional products, soft natural rubber cloth cover mouse pad, people immediately think of tire products. Food companies, choose tasteless generally, environmental protection, high quality materials advertising mouse pad, to extrude the company's food green, pure natural characteristics.

Fourth, according to the company's marketing purposes and requirements, to choose the most cost-effective mouse pad products.

If the company's marketing requirements for the promotional activities are not high, you can purchase some cloth, monochrome printing mouse pad. The price is cheap and the market effect is good.

If the company wants to pursue high market effect, can purchase some better quality, good feeling and color printing personalized mouse pad.

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