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Mouse Pad Production Equipment - Transfer machine

Mouse Pad Production Equipment - Transfer machine

So far, heat transfer technology, mainly including screen printing and heat transfer technology, in essence, there is no difference, but screen printing can only print monochrome, but heat transfer technology can print colorful pattern. Screen printing has been slowly eliminated from the market, currently 70% of manufacturers are using heat transfer technology, cause the sublimation printing can print the bright and delicate color. Besides advantages on colour, in the following areas is more advantages than other forms of mouse pad printing: customer’s gaming mouse pad design usually have lot of pattern and logo, the mouse pad printing must be able to withstand the time test, long-term no variant, long-term preservation, do not fade, do not wear, not for contact solvent due to the high temperature deformation characteristics of the color change.

In the implementation of heat transfer process, it is necessary to prepare the already printed transfer paper, in the process of transfer printing also need to pay attention to the alignment of the rubber pad and transfer paper, so that to reduce the defect rate cause of the mouse pad printing.In addition to the heat transfer printing equipment, there are also have hot stamping, silk screen printing,drum sublimation printing and other printing equipment in KAL factory!

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