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What material of mouse pad will be better


What material of mouse pad will be better?

Mouse pad products are mainly have six materials: traditional cloth, special cloth, synthetic resin material, glass material, metal material and coating .

Each of these six materials has its own characteristics.

Glass Material

Glass mouse pads are the rarest on the market.

There are rarely made and expensive.

Advantages: In terms of performance, glass mouse pad is similar to the metal one, smoothly and looks more stylish than other mouse pads.

Disadvantages: Easier to broken and carry is not convenient,the price is not cheap.

Metal material

Metal mouse pad is mainly made of aluminum. After all, other metals are not suitable for people to use because of weight.

Advantages: metal mouse pad is very smooth when used and mobile friction sound smaller.

Disadvantages: portability is not good, users are not convenient to take along, and the price is too high, not suitable for everyman.

Plastic material

Beside the cloth mouse pad, plastic mouse can be said more players to use .

But on account of slippery and astringent, mouse pad for a small range of precise operation is not very favorable.

And then , so rapid movement and precise braking often become the opposite side of performance .

In this time, plastic mouse pad is a good choose .Plastic mouse pads are very smooth, control is also stable and positioning accuracy is relatively high.



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