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Why the Gaming mouse pad is more expensive than ordinary mouse pad?



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In most peoples mind, the mouse pad is just a simple table mat which is a accessory for the mouse to slide , the value is low, even dispensable. But now, as the development of the mouse and demand, the role of the mouse pad is significant, which is one of the game's four peripheral. So the question is, why the gaming mouse pad more expensive than a normal mouse pad? Guangzhou Kal mouse pad factory to tell you.

  1.  First: the material of gaming mouse pad, size, thick and thin can be made according to the different kinds of competitive games, so it pulled a price line distant with the common mat. For example, the quality of surface materials, will lead to the mouse frame mis-operation and directly affect the competitive operation.

  2.  Second: Low prices mouse pad for uneven surface treatment, will cause the mouse pad local place not reflected light signal effectively, leading to each time the mouse cursor movement distance is different, even the moment slip to the edge of the screen, If we just used it at home or office, we maybe not mind it, but the professional gamer is never allow this happen! You can image that an electronic gaming athletics because of using the unsuitable mouse pad when they in the competition lead to failure of frame, loss is a bonus of $10 w. What a pity!

  3.  Third: the high quality mouse still can absorb the sweat, the difference is common mouse pad if encounter with our hand sweat, it will make the mouse in the immovable circumstance.

The mouse pad with excellent design can not only provide accurate and reliable positioning reference for the game mouse with high sampling rate, but also put an end to the occurrence of frame jumping in the game (that is, pointer movement is erratic), and bring comfortable and great use experience for the players.

For the higher positioning requirements of players, often willing to use a few hundred yuan to buy a high quality mouse, but ignore the good partner of the mouse - the mouse pad.

As a senior mouse pad experts custom team Guangzhou Kal mouse pad factory in many customers OEM service experience to said this.

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