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Why use KAL force health mouse pad?


Today's market has many kinds of products, the quality of the product is difficult to be guaranteed, the quality of the flat mouse pad sold in the market has some  problems that affect the health of the body, the odor of rubber and fiber are poor description, At the same time you will smell  it is  very bad , sulfur may exceed the standard or excessive benzene,  you will get skin disease with   a long time. The positioning of the mouse does not accurately affect the work efficiency. Prolonged use of poor quality mouse pad, likely to cause occupational disease "mouse hand" appears, the arm will appear sore, uncomfortable feeling.

KAL is China's first professional mouse pad manufacturer, is Asia's largest mouse pad manufacturing plant, "KAL" is a subsidiary of KAl mouse pad brand. KAL products have passed the European and American international environmental standards testing and certification, product quality fully implement the ISO9001: 2008 standards, adhere to the "unqualified products not  ship out factory" quality purposes, create high quality products. The company relentless pursuit and innovation, extraordinary quality, rich variety of computer peripheral products and under the name of China, the global radiation products and exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East and Asia Pacific more than 100 countries and regions.

KAL mouse pad advantages

1. 1. KAL  mouse pad has memory  foam function, the wrist with 100% space memory foam, with the characteristics of slow rebound, good support and protection of human physiological curve, just the right to effectively break down the pressure, does not hinder the blood circulation, so as to protect The role of health.

2.KAL mouse pad ergonomic scientific design, give you a safe and comfortable wrist protection, reduce the fatigue of the mouse pad for a long time, is the first choice for long-term use of computer workers and gamers.

3.KAL mouse pad  mobile range is very big, streamlined design, so that the mouse moving area is large enough to improve operational efficiency and increase comfort. Using environmentally friendly Lycra fabric and advanced technology, combined with ergonomic design to reduce fatigue and prevent occupational diseases "mouse hand"

4. KAL mouse pad  has various styles, suitable for different groups of needs, memory cotton pad can achieve zero wrist pressure, different models have a unique idea, the best choice of materials, feel comfortable , user-friendly design.

5 seconds slow rebound effectively improve the mouse hand and prevent the mouse hand,

Slow rebound material unique zero pressure factor

KAL mouse pad with "heart" to do quality, with "love" brand management, advocating green, in pursuit of healthy and comfortable life as the goal, the choice of the best materials, strict quality control to create functional mouse pad-based, The perfect combination of health and fashion.

KAL closely follow the trend of the times, is committed to research all kinds of functional health performance, combined with the ergonomic design of the new mouse pad, the selection of the latest raw materials technology to meet consumer demand, continuous innovation.

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